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It's the time of year when new years resolutions tend to fall by the wayside, and some people realise that they have bitten off more than they can chew and don't really want to sustain the type of challenges they have set themselves. I decided to take the "dry January" challenge, which after the Christmas period was, I thought, going to be tough, however I found it OK (I think the thought that it was just a month helped). 

It always amazes me to see the amount of people who get themselves into unrealistic new years resolutions and make significant (yet unrealistic) changes to their lifestyle. 

As sure as Santa is to Christmas, January's focus is on health and well-being, with the numerous new HIIT and Shred DVDs and the excellent "Body Coach" healthy eating regimes. It's all good and absolutely key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and needs to be sustained all year round. Likewise is the commitment of organisations to the health and well-being of their staff, which is very well documented within the CIPD's* recent article proving the link and providing a fantastic framework for HR and Management. You can read more below. 


Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 
Beware – Cupid!

Can you help who you fall in love with?? As it is Valentines day this weekend it got me thinking about the fact that so many people start relationships with their colleagues even though it is often frowned upon, although only when the boundaries of the relationship are blurred does it become a problem, I have put together some advice for employers to ensure they are pro active and avoid potential pitfalls for employers and employees alike. A few simple guidelines can help to ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities and the boundaries.
The benefits of happy and healthy employees

It really is true that happy, healthy employees perform better and organisations that embrace a culture of employee well-being benefit from optimum performance. The CIPD has produced a report "Growing the health and well-being agenda" which provides the business case to take a holistic approach to health and well-being within the workplace as a driver of employee engagement and productivity and making the workplace a better place to be. See my blog for my summary of the report. 
Coaching can improve your business

Coaching is a management tool which has amazing benefits, simply put, it is "Your Competitive Advantage". I love being a coach, it is extremely rewarding to hear someone say how much the sessions help them and give them the opportunity and courage to see what is in front of them. 

Coaching is a skill that all managers should have in their toolkit to be used on an almost daily basis and become part of their own personal management style. Our Coaching Toolkit  will provide your managers with a process and the skill set necessary to start practising, My blog dispels some of the myths of coaching.
I hope you've enjoyed reading the Valentine edition and found the articles useful, please take a look at the website to see the full range of services and products and give me a call to discuss any needs. You can contact me here at Celtic HR.

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